Safe Tix Guide

Tips for Buying Tickets Safely and Securely.

Remember to always buy your tickets directly from the West Gippsland Arts Centre website or Box Office. We never sell our tickets through a third party supplier or website.

Never buy tickets from re-sellers on social media (Facebook etc.) Scammers are actively targeting our customers by offering to sell their spare ticket. These sellers do not have a ticket to sell and will ask you to deposit money into their PayPal, Venmo, etc, account using the 'Friends and Family' option - you will not be eligible for a refund via PayPal or WGAC. Only buy your tickets directly from the West Gippsland Arts Centre Website (https://sales.wgac.com.au).

Read our Safe Tix Guide below for more safety tips and read our Terms and Conditions for more information.
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Before you buy


Do Your Research

Find out who the ‘authorised’ ticket seller is, the event venue and when tickets go on sale officially. If you see tickets on sale before the official date, don’t buy them as they may be fake. Beware of websites that ‘appear’ to be authorised ticket sellers.

Don’t Trust Search Engines

Make sure the ticket seller who has come up first in your online search result is actually the authorised ticket seller and not a reseller who has paid to be at the top of the list.

Sign Up for Alerts

Sign up to your favourite artists’ mailing lists and social media accounts, as well as mailing lists for venues, festivals, event promoters and authorised ticket sellers. This is how you can find out about upcoming events, pre-sale details and other important event information.

Get Organised

Create an online account with the authorised ticket seller and make sure you’re logged in so you are ready to go when tickets go on sale.

Don’t Panic

For high demand shows you might be placed in an online queue; be patient. If a ‘sold out’ message pops up, don’t panic – additional dates or seats may become available. So keep checking.

Don’t Buy on Social Media

Do not buy tickets from re-sellers on social media (Facebook etc.) The sellers most likely do not have a ticket to sell and will ask you to deposit money into their PayPal account using the 'Friends and Family' option - you will not be eligible for a refund via PayPal or WGAC.

When You Buy


Do Your Research

Check where your seats are and if there’s a restricted view, age restrictions or other special conditions. Authorised tickets sellers and resellers are required to provide buyers with clear, accurate information.

Read the Terms and Conditions

If you’re buying from a ticket reseller, how do you get a refund if something goes wrong? Tickets that are resold can rarely be cancelled by the authorised ticket seller under the terms and conditions.

Pay by Credit or Debit Card

Paying by credit/debit card provides more protection if something goes wrong with your purchase. Don’t transfer cash into the reseller’s bank account. Get a receipt for your transaction. Don't select the 'Family and Friends' option on PayPal or pay via Venmo, Stripe, Western Union, etc.

If Things Go Wrong

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Know Your Rights for Refund or Exchange

If you don’t buy from the authorised ticket seller your rights to a refund or exchange may be affected if the show is postponed or cancelled.

Contact the Ticket Resale Website/App

If you receive fake tickets or don’t receive your tickets purchased through a ticket resale website, contact the resale website. You may receive a refund under their ‘Guarantees’. All resale websites should provide a customer complaints channel including an Australian phone number and email address.

Request a Chargeback

If you don’t have any luck with the ticket resale website and have purchased your tickets using a card, contact your bank and request a chargeback. You may get your money back.

Report Fake Tickets

If you have been scammed or had a problem with your purchase, report it to the police, Consumer Affairs Victoria and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Additional Information

Read the Consumer Guide Buying and selling tickets in the ticket resale market.

This advice is provided by Live Performance Australia. Live Performance Australia (LPA) is the peak body for Australia’s live performance industry. LPA represents commercial and independent producers, music promoters, major performing arts companies, small to medium companies, venues (performing arts centres, commercial theatres, stadiums and arenas), festivals, and service providers such as ticketing companies and technical suppliers.

Please Note:

Tickets for events at West Gippsland Arts Centre can only be purchased via West Gippsland Arts Centre's online ticketing portal or via phone or in person at our booking office. Tickets purchased via third party vendors and re-sellers are not valid and will, in most cases, not be honoured. Persons buying tickets in order to re-sell on third party sites will not have their purchases honoured. Please contact us if you have any queries or read the Safe Tix information on our website. West Gippsland Arts Centre is not responsible for tickets purchased at inflated prices via third party on-sellers. Please read our disclaimer on our website.