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Emerging Artists Exhibition

Monday 6 May - Friday 31 May

Prepare to discover the undiscovered at WGAC's Emerging Artists exhibition, a vibrant showcase of raw talent and fresh perspectives!

In a thrilling display teeming with innovation and originality, this event will highlight the dazzling creations of 10 – 15 artists stepping into the limelight, some for the very first time. WGAC takes immense pride in rolling out the red carpet for these emerging visionaries, providing a much-deserved platform for their passion and dedication to bloom on a public stage.

Websiteimage1 Emergingartist Lorraine Harrold
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Artists include Tina Sheers, Tess Best, Julie Gilbert, Bridgette Coleman, Andy Van Putten, Lauren Maguire, Grant and Michelle Johnson, Lorraine Harrold, William J Rodd, Marguerite Sharlott, Kalina Brew, Mark Angerame, and many more!

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