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Proactive Parenting

Sunday, 25 February 2024

10:00 am

Proactive Parents is a community event hosted by Mindfull Aus and facilitated by child development expert Karen Young that provides parents, caregivers and educators with the skills and tools to better understand behaviour and challenges that arise within our youth.

Big feelings can drive big behaviour. Understanding how to respond when young people are overwhelmed can drive calm and connection over conflict. Ultimately, our responses have enormous potential to build important neural pathways that will strengthen them for life.

This presentation will explore the powerful ways parents can, quite literally, influence the strengthening of the brain in ways that will build self-control, emotional regulation, and resilience in their children for life.

** Karen Young’s books & resources as well as Mindfull Aus Merchandise will be available at the conclusion of the event.

Duration: 4 hours including intermission.

Members: $10
Full: $15