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Mind Drawing
Children’s Stories
Jenni L. Ivins

Tuesday 2 March – Friday 30 April 2021

This touring exhibition was created in four municipalities, in response to an invitation to bring Jenni's quirky drawings to the community 

Mind Drawings are pictures that have marks which may be read in more than one way.

A series of community collaborative drawings is included in the exhibition, along with a new community drawing, on which visitors can leave their own marks. There are also two laminated treasure hunt games that hang with the works and, for even more community engagement, there is a four-leafed clover hidden in each of the black and white Mind Drawings.

Jenni will conduct a workshop/artist talk to further enrich the experience.

Jenni also has cards and a colouring book of works from the exhibition that people may buy so they may look for the four-leafed clover for mindfulness at home or when travelling.

Sanctuary - Christina Nelson 

Tuesday 2 March – Friday 30 April 2021 

Christina’s work uses line and colour to explore the beauty of shape and design. In her third level exhibition features six artworks in which the beauty of colour is made even more striking against the strong use of black. The focal point of her show, and inspiration, is titled ‘Sanctuary’. The artwork was inspired by the beautiful colours of our Australian native birds following a visit to the Healesville Sanctuary. The use of colour to create pattern is a characteristic of her work.

She has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and began drawing again shortly after the completion of her Honours thesis (2018).

Visit Christina’s website here

Winter Journey
Lucy Chapman

Tuesday 4 May - Friday 2 July 2021

Netherlands-born Lucy Chapman divides her work between Botanical Art, Nature Surrealism and Contemporary Abstract. Her Winter Journey exhibition hung on the WGAC ground floor comprises 24 nature-surrealist paintings inspired by the 24 respective songs of Schubert’s Winterreise. Her first-floor Botanica et Avia exhibition features paintings of botanical subjects and birds.

Lucy was due to exhibit with us throughout June 2020 but has been rescheduled to June 2021. Visit Lucy's website here.

Fabien Garcia

Tuesday 6 July – Friday 3 September 2021

Level Two

This series has much to do with my decision to return to Australia, and to settle here permanently. One of the hardest I have ever made; to leave my native country, my family and friends but also being aware of the consequences of this move - more plane trips regularly back to France. This clashes with my beliefs.

This series is about the most important issue of the current world which is environment and ecology.

I am not trying to preach to anyone. My work is a reflection of my feelings rather than laying blame on people. I want to share my experiences as confronting as they are to me. I am questioning the society in which we live in today and wondering if our actions or inaction including mine are degrading the planet?

What are we doing to our environment ? Did we forget the term adaptability ? The contemporary belief is to shape the environment according to our needs more than adapting
to its. 

‘State of curious minds in peculiar places’
Level Three

My latest work is a quest to deepen my understanding of the problem. I hope it does feel softer as I am not into poking people’s eyes! Beauty is an important thing and I want to create something that is uplifting, something that makes one feel, not something that discourages the viewer.

‘Adaptability’ is about what really matters to me and what I have been struggling with on a daily basis for many years - the balance of relationships between people and their environnement.

In my latest works, I have tried to quieten the monkey mind in my own head. I am coming to peace with the decisions I have taken, and feel more settled in my new environment. I have adopted a more child-like way of thinking. Trying to let go of my ego as much as possible and experience my environment with a state of curiosity.

I hope that the viewers will follow me on this journey to discover somebody else’s impression of the world. I invite you to let go of one’s ego, and any sense of time too. Arouse your curiosity about what you are looking at, enter a state of curious mind and leave little room for judgement. It is a wonderful starting place to discover the world, others and also oneself.

I believe that art is not to be consumed quickly but it is here to help us slow down in this fast paced world.


Tuesday 7 Sept - Thursday 28 Oct 2021

An exhibition celebrating a decade of the BawBaw Arts Alliance (Bbaa) in the Baw Baw Shire.

The Baw Baw Arts Alliance is a community run not for profit arts organisation that welcomes new members and ideas... Bbaa has initiated many events and exhibitions as well as fostering grass roots art.

From early beginnings as the Women’s Compass Network to the present day, the Arts Alliance has promoted and encouraged the arts and now runs two galleries/shops, a Winter and Summer Arts Market as well as numerous Art shows, workshops, children’s Art activities regular drop-in craft groups, and social events.

It supports and works with other Arts bodies to raise the profile of the Visual and Performing Arts in the Baw Baw Shire. Please stay in touch with us and our programs via www.bawbawartsalliance.com.au or our facebook / Instagram sites.

Karen Preston

Wednesday November 3 - Friday December 31,  2021

‘Plasticity’ as an exhibition is an invitation to reflect on the omnipotence of plastic in our everyday lives. The amalgamation of plastics with organic bodies and natural environments is explored using plastic waste as an art medium. ‘Plasticity’ refers to the malleability of plastic, its capacity to mimic properties of natural materials and organic bodies, and to adopt seemingly infinite textures, forms and shapes.

The environmental, ecological and biological consequences of household plastic waste is receiving global and local attention. Governments across all levels are confounded by issues and challenges attached to its use and disposal. First invented in 1907, plastic is now seemingly indispensable to human activity; it is present in practically every hour and space of our lives. In just eleven decades plastic has become established as one of the cheapest, most useful, and durable materials ever invented. It is modern industry’s most disregarded and readily discarded product. Half of the plastic produced in the world is single-use, eight million tonnes enter our oceans each year[i], and more than 60 million plastic bottles are disposed of everyday.

With these concerns in mind, I collected all plastic waste generated by my household over a 12 month period, that in the past would have been sent to landfill or recycled, was gathered, washed and reused. I photographed each week’s plastic waste, and at the end of every four weeks created sculptures and associated artworks. 

Visit Karen's website here.

Naturally Gippsland
Cheryl Cook and Joan Best

Tuesday December 1  2020- Friday 26 February 2021

Two passionate and accomplished artists, Cheryl Cook and Joan Best, explore Gippsland’s natural treasures. They bring to life the essence of our diverse environment using a variety of techniques including textiles, altered leaf prints, stitch and ceramics. The works are structurally powerful yet delicate and emotively capture the artists’ experiences. The body of work reflects the varied responses of the two artists and the richness demonstrates their love of and commitment to Gippsland.

Angels of a Lesser Known God

West Gippsland Arts Centre is proud to have developed a virtual exhibition experience to enhance the profile of our talented regional artists and to entice you to visit us in person!
We invite you to view our first virtual experience featuring Warragul artist Russell J Lilford with the exhibition,
‘Angels of a Lesser Known God’.
Some of these works may be for sale. Please use these links to enquire and to find out more information about Russell:
Contact info at the Open Studios Website: https://bit.ly/3jD3zcq
Artist info at Baw Baw Arts Alliance: https://bit.ly/2Jgll8O

Throughout 2021 we will be hosting six fantastic visual art exhibitions that you can view in person of course, but their work will also be available via www.wgac.com.au/exhibitions and our social channels.

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