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Arts Centre Members enjoy many benefits:


Regular Member's newsletters.

Receive hot off the press information for new seasons.

Invitations to Season Launches, Manager's Table Dinners and other events. 


Exclusive Members only offers. 

Exclusive Members only booking periods.

Exclusive members only event at the end of each year


Discounts on all many performances.

Discount at the new WGAC Cafe (coming 2018).

Save on a three year membership.

12 Month Memberships

Our Twelve Month Membership prices are still at the 2008 price:


12 Month Membership
$ 21.00
Single membership for 12 months includes all of the benefits above.
    Special Event Invitations
  • Exclusive Booking Perionds
  • Special Offers

Single Concession

12 Month Membership
$ 15.00.
Single Concession mmembership for 12 months includs all benefits above
    Newsletters and information
  • Show Discounts
  • 3 year also available (see below)


12 Month Membership
$ 38.00
Double membership for 12 months includes all of the benefits above.
  • Our most popular option
  • Use with a partner or friend
  • Makes a great gift idea!

Double Concession

12 Month Membership
$ 26.00
Double concessionmembership for 12 months with all of the benefits above.
  • Exclusive Member Offers
  • Newsletters and Information
  • Discounted Tickets


Gold Memberships are valid for three years from the date of purchase.


Three Year Membership
$ 60.00
Single Membership for 3 years
  • Special Offers
  • Special Event Invitations
  • Regular Newsletters

Single Concession

Three Year Membership
$ 42.00
Single Concession 3 year Membeship
  • Exclusive Member Offers
  • Cafe and Restaurant Discounts
  • 12 months available (see above)


Three Year Membership
$ 105.00
Double Membership for 3 years
  • Use with a partner of friend
  • Special Membership Offers
  • Exclusive booking periods

Double Concession

Three Year Membership
$ 70.00
Double Concession Gold Membership
  • Our most popular Gold option
  • Use with a partner of friend
  • Makes a great gift option too!

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